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taking time away from drawing

well what do i say, i know ive not been the most active person lately, and i have fallen way beind on practice.

but i’m making this to let you all know i’m stepping away from drawing….for now

my life right now is pretty hetic, i dont earn enough from my job to feed myself and i get thretend with eviction almost every month because i cant pay my rent in time. along with no money and consintly falling ill and or depressed i have had little to no time to draw, and when i do it just drives me nuts, i cant do anything right and winds me up more than i need right now.

so as of today i will be inactive and put a stop to my drawing untill further notice.

to those i owe commissions too, i’m sorry but i dont think i can do them now, but hay, atleast you didnt pay for them so didnt really lose anything.

to evenyone else that follow me, i am thankfull for all your suport and kind words but right now i just need to sort my life out, i’ll make another journal to when i return, if i return..

thankyou for all the suport, really i mean it. hopefully i can get back on my feet.

goodbye for now

and thankyou.

phew i worked hard this time round~ these are the images from part 2 of the streaming weekend :D thankyoueveryone for commissing meeeee <3 thankyousomuch

wheeeeee, here are the images from tonights streem, 2 full colourd an shaded  thingie mabobs


images done from last nigths stream :D yay whole loda cutiesss

hello all, its me again

thats right its sunday and i’m here to annoynce another quicky commission stream

but due to the last one there are some changes.



usally i would wait untill it was finished first but due to events happning i will now be taking payment first.


thats right, no chillidogs or paninis. the worst you will get is some girls in bikinis and some fanservice but no adult work.


prices are the same but i will list them regardless.

sketch: $5

lineart: $10

flat colours: $15

cell shaded: $20

(soft shade has been removed from the list because it takes too long)

extra characters will cost $3 or more depending on how detailed the character design is.

i am willing to draw fancharacters, pairings, OTP’s cross overs


i’m bad, as in really bad, at drawing human characters, so thats a no go.

sorry for the rule change but it was needed to be done.

after the stream the images will be croped off and uploaded on diffrent accounts


deviantart commission account

tumblr art blog

thankyou for reading.

since the stream was a bit of a fail, i guess i can upload this

well when i was at work i started thinking about amber an how she needed an update~

so here what i have so far, she lost the stripes on her ears and gained a streak down her back, and for her costume is the second image, figured i would give her a 90’s ish style (being she old and outdated pff ) sexy yet casual~

all in all i love her to bits again, no more complacated outfits with bells and whistles, just simple looks

slight nsfw warning seeing as theres nip but..yeh….ENJOY~

here we have the sketches from last nights commission stream~

well that was easy….hahahha xD dont mind me, i’m just awake