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doodle stream

working on some character designs, drawing some fan characters

that kinda stream, come join~

i drew a cutie amy~ cause pink pincess

images done during my last stream :DD

the first one was ment to be a sketch commission but then the file went walkies and hurt itself so i had to redo it

Art commission stream~

alright guys~ its me again and i will be holding a commissions stream~

going to be doing a 10$ flat colour

if you just want a clean sketch then 8$ or so

if you want a fully shaded image tho however i would saayyy maybe 20$? but that can be talked over depending on how detailed the image is~

welp <3 please join~

it would help me out heaps

guess who finally gt there scanner woring hur hur hur

another image done during the stream, not as proud of this one but eh

might colour this later

yay amy~

done during my stream :B


cause i’m bored :D come join meee

an if you ask nicely maybe you’ll get a request