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well that was easy….hahahha xD dont mind me, i’m just awake

finally got up off my arse and did something,

ive been in such a rut lately i cant get even a simple drawing out an it was driving me nuts, then this just falls out last night~

i’ll tell yah, art block is a b**ch

ANYWHOS here we have tiara :D … in amy boom’s costume…..colour swaped…


also~ fun note, there is a video of me colouring this :D kinda crappy quality and off to the side but yeh…

i’ll post that once i figure out how~


YAAAAAAY FINALLY DONE! This is the best one ive done yet!

This is a birthday gift for the blue blur~ sonic has always been a big part of my life and as crazy as some of the fandom is i love it all to bits, i couldn’t imagine my life without that adorable blue hedgie in it

this is bex :D; i guess yay

the-whipple-effect whispered:
I don't think it'd be fair to request something, but your style is wonderful, perhaps we could do an art trade? :3

wow its been a while since i was offerd a trade :D i would love to!

Anonymous whispered:
Do you do requests? :3

mmmmmayyybe~ i am in  a drawing mood today ( i might even do a request stream)


you gota come off anon :3c i dont bite

i’m nice i sware but i can be alittle crazy sometimes

a request by leanna the wolf :D i was just gon do a sketch but…i kinda got carried away

no regrets, your characters cute :DDD

pffffffffffffff its a loooooooong story

once the ask teddy moon moon blog is open more will be explained, but for now enjoy this~


colouring done by me

uhm…orignal consept is kill la kill xD i guess

teddy belongs to ben but the aventures of teddy moon moon belong to me >D muhahahhaa

unfinished boob lady